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there is a cup with liquid in it on the table
a white bowl filled with pasta covered in pesto
a table with two starbucks drinks and a sandwich in a box on top of it
a person is pouring coffee into a glass
two pieces of toast with avocado on top and coffee mug in the background
there are many sandwiches on the wrapper and one has lettuce in it
a pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and spinach on it in a box
a person holding a cup of coffee in front of an open book with the word love on it
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a box filled with lots of different types of macaroons
a muffin tin filled with cinnamon buns
cupcakes with frosting and cranberry topping in muffin tins
a person holding up a glass container filled with vegetables and other food items in it
a drink in a glass with ice and strawberries on the rim next to a menu