Sky children of the light

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all star cape patterns are shown in white on a purple background with the words,'all star cape patterns '
Sky: Children of the Light
an image of a plane flying in the sky with other planes around it and instructions on how to fly
the poster for season of passage, which features different types of characters and their names
Sky: Children of the Light
four different views of a person with their head in the air
Sky: Children of the Light
the animation character is wearing different outfits and looks like he's about to go into space
Sky: Children of the Light
four panels showing different types of hands holding scissors and pointing them at something in the same direction
an underwater scene with plants and rocks in the water, and fish swimming on the surface
a lamp that is sitting next to a wall with swirly lights on it's sides
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three different images of lights in the dark
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two blue and gold birds flying in the air
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two anime characters standing next to each other
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four different colored images with birds flying in the sky and buildings on each one side
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