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an open drawer in the middle of a desk with electronics and cords attached to it
5 Smart Ways to Hide Power Strips and Cords in the Kitchen
5 Smart Ways to Hide Power Strips and Cords in the Kitchen
how to organize under the kitchen sink from clean and sterilized with essentials
Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas
Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink
the under sink organization bins are organized and labeled
How to Organize Under Your Sink ~ Organize Your Kitchen Frugally Day 2 - Organizing Homelife
How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink
an organized pantry with baskets and food items
10 Great Diy Tips to Save Time and Space in the Kitchen 4
Pantry baskets. Organizing tips.
an image of canned food in a wire basket on top of a shelf with the caption'from p & j stores, this is a great idea to store your canned goods a magazine holder
Magazine racks for cans in the pantry
the pantry is stocked with lots of food and containers, including cereals or other items
Organized pantry. You can see everything. - sublime decor
Organized pantry. You can see everything.
a man standing in front of a wall filled with lots of luggage and bike parts
Garage Organization Tips - 18 Ways To Find More Space in the Garage
These garage organization tips will help you create an organized and effective space. (scheduled via
an image of a computer screen with many different screensavers and colors on it
Your Ultimate Guide to House Cleaning
Your ultimate home cleaning routine ...♥♥...
an iphone screen showing the instructions for how to use instagrams on your phone
The Ultimate FREE Printable Decluttering Checklist for KonMari Success! - Making Lemonade
Excited to use this free printable decluttering checklist for the KonMari Method of discarding and organizing! It includes ALL the categories in a handy checklist to kickstart your decluttering and organization spree. Love this series!
the kommari checklist is shown in red, yellow and green
Ultimate Konmari Checklist from Juju Sprinkles. Page 1
several different colored sticky notes are arranged on a white tray with purple flowers in the background
Compartment Organizers 50 Ways -- Day 25: organized post-it's. Sticky notes, flags, book marks and tabs...organized, easy to find and wrinkle free. But those colors tho. (organizer is a 17-compartment box with removable dividers from @acehardware) #compartmentorganizers50ways #organized #easy
an event poster with the words, every morning and every night
good idea rather than trying to do everything all at once!
a blue and white poster with the words how often you should clean everything on it
This Is How Often You Really Need to Clean Everything, According to Experts
Use this spring cleaning guide to keep everything in your house clean and fresh.
an open box with the words choices for each object when deletiting your home
How To Declutter Your Home: A Simple Formula
6 choices for each object when decluttering. Part of the how to declutter your home instructions on Home Storage Solutions 101.