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an outdoor patio sofa made out of pallets with pillows and plants on the back
DIY Outdoor Patio Sofa - Nailgun Nelly DIY Home
DIY home decor from Sweet Home
Ikea Hack DIY Pilzlampe selber machen
Das IKEA Malm Makeover mit WOW-Effekt 💥
Mit ein wenig Lack, Hölzern, 'ner Deckplatte und viel Spaß zauberst du aus deiner klassischen Malm Kommode ein wahres Einzelstück! In unserem Blogartikel findest du eine Step by Step Anleitung – wir wünschen frohes DIYen! #horstdiy #diy #ikeahack #ikeamakeover #malm #makeover #upcycling #malmhack #interior #lack #greenaesthetic
Werbung | Ikea Hack
IKEA DIY hacks by vpvtdot22
a green headboard sitting on top of a bed next to a white pillow and potted plant
How to make a Channeled Headboard
Add a chic, expensive look to your bedroom with a velvet upholstered headboard. Premade headboards can be very expensive and are typically made from low-quality materials. DIYing your own headboard means you can use high-quality materials for a luxe look on a DIY budget! This is a no-sew project anyone can do. Watch our quick tutorial to see how to make your own channeled headboard.