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My Notes for USMLE
Menstrual cycle Follicular phase: estrogen promotes endometrial cell proliferation Ovulation Luteal phase: secretory phase
the top ten signs of ovulation infographical poster with information about ovulation
12 Ovulation Symptoms To Help You Get Pregnant
10 Signs of Ovulation | Ovulation Calculator | Fertility Calculator & Accurate Predictions
#Fertility #chart will help track ovulation, basal body temperature, cervical mucus ~ Gender Chart, Fertility Chart, Fertility Calendar, Fertility Cycle, Ovulation Tracking, Fertility Tracking, Fertility Awareness Method, Fertility Tracker, Basal Body Temperature
When Are You Most Fertile?
#Fertility #chart will help track ovulation, basal body temperature, cervical mucus ~
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For Her Archives - Aleteia — Catholic Spirituality, Lifestyle, World News, and Culture
How does Juliette Kulda, successful businesswoman and mother of 10 children ages 1 to 22, master the art of work-family balance? (Hint: she doesn't!)
a woman sitting at a wooden table with toy figures in front of the board game
Quiet Time Activities for BUSY BOYS! - How Wee Learn
Quiet time activities - Q-Tip maze
a baby stroller sitting on top of a white floor
Pram Inglesina Vittoria
Love this pram Inglesina Vittoria!
a white baby stroller with wheels on the front and side, sitting against a white background
Vittoria | @Inglesina's white and elegant #stroller
a pregnant woman's belly with the words surprising benefits of natural birth
Two Surprising Benefits of Natural Childbirth - Homemade Mommy
Surprising Benefits of Natural Childbirth | healthier gut floral and brain development
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This Weekend is About You, Moms! - cottage in the oaks
i love you from your fingers to your toes
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Set the foundation for love by bonding with you baby while in the womb
The mother's heartbeat is the baby's first and favorite lullaby, the rhythm of life.
a woman's head with the words 5 crazy ways pregnancy changes your brain
Pregnancy Brain Is Real - 5 Ways Being Pregnant Changes Your Brain
Most moms have experienced what is known as "baby brain." But it turns out that our brains really do undergo some surprising changes during pregnancy.
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Poems my mother told me
A Place to Share: Poems my mother told me "I love you mother," said little (Anne). I should hang this in the playroom!
an image of a person holding a baby in their arms with the caption foto natural beauty customs
growing under the heart