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two people in a living room with the text toilet paper roll challenge
Toilet Paper Roll Challenge | toilet paper | This is hilarious! 🤣 Wait til we do it blindfolded.. LOL! | By Team Balmert | I got another challenge for us to try. It's more of like a party game. So basically, you just get your toilet paper roll on your stick and then you gotta touch sticks and yeah. We're playing swords here. By the way, buying two plungers and a pack of toilet paper, definitely going to give you some looks. Are you okay? Suck out that bad attitude of yours. Hey, you guys saw how you play. It's pretty easy. So, we're going to start with the normal way. Then, we're going to try blindfolded. We're saluting baby. Mine goes to the left. It's okay. So, how's mine? Mine's going up too high. I'm getting too excited. Oh, I gotta think of something Okay yeah we're good. We're going to start with just one roll. And that roll has to then start on the ground. And then I need to pick the toilet paper up onto my stick. Stand up and then transfer it to her stick. It's not rocket science. We don't want to know. Okay we're on the same team. High five. Three, two, one, go. Oh god. I oh we gotta really get into this. I I don't even want to watch. I can't get the hole in. I know. I know. Oh my god. Okay. Oh no. It fell off. It's been a long time since I've been in this position. I'm dead. What's what it poking me? Do I make these same noises when we're doing it Sam? I'm so sorry. I need to get in the mood. Play some music or something. Take my lights off. Damn it. It keeps wanting to go right. Okay. Okay. Oh. Okay. Oh. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. You got you have to put two sticks in one hole. It's hard. It hard to do. Here. Oh we touched this. Oh my god. I'm sweating. Yeah. Now wiggle it down. Oh my god. My legs are. I'm going. Come on. Oh. Oh. Oh. Don't work again. Pull it out. One. Oh no we're good. We got it bolted. Go. Go. Go. I am. I'm trying to wiggle up. Okay. Okay. Oh no. Wait. Oh no. Wait. Wait. Wait. We're getting stuck. The rubber. The rubber is getting stuck. Just take the rubber. There you go. Pushing it in. You can't put to it in. Listen, if the neighbors hear us, they're going to think something's going on. Oh. Yeah. Okay. You pick it up off the ground and put it on mine. It's not as easy as you think, right? It's that. I gotta better grip it between my. Better hurry. My my stick's no longer pointing up anymore. Yeah, what are you doing? Watch out. Tip to tip. I'm just going to go for the hole because I'm. No, you can't. I just want to. Oh, my legs. My legs are hurting. You got my knees. I can't. Oh. Oh. Wiggle. Wiggle. Hurry. You did it. Okay, time for round two. We do it neckid. No. I'm just kidding. Alright. No. You're not even close. No. You're plungers to the left. Oh, I hate when that happens. What? Are we in it? No. Oh. Like that? Oh, it's yeah. You like that? Oh, I gotta take a breather. You're cheating. What? They don't see that. I'm going to need you to do all the work. Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy. Oh, shimmy. Is it off? Wrong. Shimmy. We did it. Hi, I need a cigarette.
a poster with different words on it and an arrow pointing to the word's name
reflektionsspelet svenska uppgift gratis stencil för lärare
two wooden signs with words on them that say, when to go and where to go
the font and numbers are all in different colors, but there is no image to describe
the disney character quiz is shown with many different icons on it, including names and numbers
Gissa Disney-filmen med emojis – gratis quiz!
an image of the logo quiz game
Quiz: Gissa loggan på företaget - Maxarna