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a large white house with a red roof
Vårt hus - Hemma hos morlilly på
a wooden fence in front of a red house with a swedish flag on the top
Sara och Johan renoverade sin gamla släktgård på Öland: ”Kändes som att komma hem på riktigt”
a yellow house with white trim and green door is next to shrubbery in front of it
Verandafönster & spröjsade fönster till veranda / orangeri
the front door is painted green and has two glass panels on each side, along with a wood floor
Ytterdörrar | Granberg glas målad med glas | Leksandsdörren®
a large white house with red roof tiles
Bildbank - Rörvikshus
a small red house with white windows and steps leading up to the front door area
Från våra kunder | Page 5
a table and bench in front of a gray house with white trim on the windows
[de första...]
a woman standing in front of a white house with red roof and shingled windows