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the words friends don't lie are in white letters on a black background,
Pinterest : m t t w || @Tammiiiiii
a black and white photo with the words i care about your feelings more than mine
Tate Langdon was my most favourite character in season one, even If he was homicidal.
you're the only light i've ever known.*
Violet and Tate: American Horror Story
someone who loves you like to hate loved violett is walking away from the camera
Find someone who loves you like Tate loved Violet
american psycho, american horror story, and tate image Horror, People, American Horror Story, American Horror Story Seasons
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american psycho, american horror story, and tate image
a man with long blonde hair has words written on his face to spell out what he is
pinterest // @ggeorgiewest
an image of a man with the words when tate crys, we all lay
Holy crap I thought no one understood my pain
a man sitting in a bathtub with his hands on his chest and looking off into the distance
Coastin on a Dream
American Horror Story's Evan Peters
a man and woman kissing each other with the words once upon a time, an angel and a devil tell in love
I ship Tate and Violet, omg
two men in black and white with the caption humans are like glass we break and don't get fixed
a man with no shirt is smiling and has his back turned to the camera, in black and white
Fries before guys. Unless, of course, your Evan Peters.
a man sitting at a table with two beer bottles in front of him and pointing to the side
two images with the words you're all i want, and an image of harry potter
Tate and Violet