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a ceramic vase with flowers and figures on the outside, painted in pink and green
David Kordansky Gallery's 'Taurus and the Awakener'
a wooden table topped with different colored vases
Designers Helle Mardahl | Mode femme | MATCHESFASHION FR
a pink glass figurine shaped like a bird with green eyes and large wings
Electri ♥ ϟ Cute
a yellow sculpture sitting on top of a white table
Future Tribal | California Home+Design
a hand is holding a small group of ceramic figurines in different shapes and sizes
Playful ceramic characters from happyontheinside.ca
a blue and red cat statue sitting on top of a white pedestal next to a wall
Ginette Lapalme
two pink vases sitting next to each other on a white surface with one in the middle
Vases – Home Decor : Kirsten Perry - Decor Object | Your Daily dose of Best Home Decorating Ideas & interior design inspiration
Vases – Home Decor : Kirsten Perry -Read More –
a pink ceramic vase with a face painted on it's side and two yellow eyes
angelye: “ facepots, dan mccarthy ”
a yellow cup with a smiley face painted on it's side sitting on a saucer
iamawalkingcontradiction: Karin hagen
a ceramic busturine with long hair and flowers on it's head is shown against a white background
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rebecca morgan's exotic redneck portraits & stylized peasants
a white vase filled with green plants on top of a table
Les sublimes céramiques de Zhu Ohmu - Journal du Design
Céramiques de Zhu Ohmu - Pour cette collection de céramiques baptisée « Plantsukuroi » , l’artiste a essayé de reproduire à la main le processus de création d’une imprimante 3D. La main humaine apporte aux pièces des imperfections et des « accidents » . Il utilise son inexpérience dans l’art de la céramique pour créer à partir des défauts d'en faire des atouts artistiques. Inspirée par le kintsukuroi japonais, il comble les fissures et les imperfections de ses oeuvres par des végétaux.
three different colored vases sitting next to each other
Wang & Söderström
Wang & Söderström
a colorful vase is sitting on a white surface
Brian Roche fort
- Brian Rochefort