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a woman holding a baby in her arms with flowers on the ground next to it
The Best Of Anne Taintor Retro Humor For Your Sarcastic Soul
a desk with a computer on top of it in front of a blue wall and window
Office - sharona3 Simplicity and blue wall paint - Ikea DIY - The best IKEA hacks all in one place
#blue #office #paint #sharona3 #Simplicity #wall
an office with a desk, chair and pictures on the wall above it is shown
kids'art display box idea hack with instructions for making it easy and fun to use
How to DIY Easy Change Artwork Frames with IKEA picture frames
Kids art display box: 10 min hack to store & show your kids art
a living room filled with furniture next to a window covered in plants and potted plants
IKEA - Möbler, inredning och inspiration
Väggskåpen KNOXHULT ingår i kökssortimentet men passar lika bra i hemmets övriga rum. Här har vi valt att placera skåpen på CAPITA ben, men de går givetvis att montera på väggen. Inte minst för att underlätta vid städning och ge inredningen ett luftigt uttryck.
the pantry is stocked with all kinds of food
Reader Space: Blogiversary Round Up!
Organization website! This is a craft closet but there are SO many other great ideas!
an empty room with bookshelves full of books
A Beautiful Mess
Build & Organize A Corner Shelving System - A BEAUTIFUL MESS
there is a desk with a computer on it and many pictures around the wall behind it
Tiny Floating Desk _ Personally, I don't like tiny desks, but it is a great solution for a small room, when you don't have a lot of space. Also, in love with the idea of gallery wall)
a room with a desk, shelves and a television on the wall in it's corner
Canto de estudo
O quarto de Marina, 13 anos, tem um espaço dedicado somente aos estudos. “Achei importante separar da área de maquiagem”, conta a arquiteta Andrea Murao. A marcenaria azul-turquesa foi pensada especialmente para a adolescente, cansada do cor-de-rosa
a corner desk with books and pictures on the shelves above it, along with a white chair
North of South and East of West, an oasis of warmth and style in Minneapolis
Warm, light, colorful eclectic space | Home of Michelle LeBlanc on Design Sponge
two people sitting at a desk with their backs turned to the same chair and one person using a computer
Get your posture in check! Brought to you by Shoplet Promos- Everything for your business.
a desk with two drawers and one drawer on the top, against a white background
Modern Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting & More
Mid-Century Desk - Acorn + White | west elm
a room with a desk, chair and lamp on the wall in front of it
Category » Home Remodeling Ideas « @ House Remodel Ideas
a yellow table and chair in a room with a pink wall on the other side
C: desk with built in storage by making double layering.. so f*ing practical
a dining table with two chairs and sheepskins on the legs in front of it
Interior Design- The simplicity of black and white
a wooden desk with a white top and two drawers on the bottom, sitting in front of a white background
Early Registration for A' Design Award & Competition - Design Milk
Marken Desk Home Desk furniture by Claudio Sibille
a woman is writing on the wall with a marker and an easel in front of her
framed glass that is painted on the back - as a prettier alternative to a white board in the kitchen. good for leaving notes or making grocery lists.
a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk
To do list voor 2012
Nice desk
an office desk with a bike parked next to it on the floor in front of a white wall
Urban Nomad flexibele werkplek
Pour que vos idées vous emmènent toujours plus loin...
a collage of photos with the words room by room decor secrets
Room by Room: Decorating Secrets
An Interior Designer goes through every room in the house sharing amazing decorating secrets to get that designer look in your own home!
there is a desk with two computers on it and bookshelves above the desk
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a room with a desk, chair and bookshelf
Interior Design Very neat , a really good relaxing office study idea .
a white bookcase filled with lots of books
search results - IKEA Hackers
This website is IKEA Hackers and is crazy! Its all the DIY's people have done with IKEA products and how they repurpose items into something new.
a bulletin board with pictures and magnets on it in an office hallway or playroom
Create A Large Scale Art Center
art wall
an apple computer is plugged into the charger
8 Easy DIY Projects We Wish We'd Thought Up
Inspiration for tech-related DIY ideas. ...
an apple monitor mounted to the wall
Boa - Products - Monitor Arms, Desk Mounts, Device Stands - Monitors in Motion
four different angles of the same type of usb cable and connectors attached to each other
Binder clips make great cord catchers.
sometimes it's simple and cheap, and you already have it at home. Binder clips make great cord catchers.