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an art installation with multiple colored squares and shapes on the wall, in front of a white ceiling
Elsi Giauque, Elément spatial
two paintings of pink and green fields
Rencontre avec Paul Cox
Rencontre avec Paul Cox – Pyramyd-éditions
black and white photograph of water with trees in the backgroung, on gravel area next to river
trees and people in a park with blue sky behind them, as seen from the ground
Modernity Collective
an image of a beach with waves coming in from the ocean and sand on the shore
raphael fagundes
a ghost opera in an abandoned Lebanese theater
an empty room with white walls and yellow light coming through the window on the wall
Yellow double hung wi... • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson
Yellow double hung wi... • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson
an empty room with wooden floors and white wall covering the entire area in shades of light
Falling Banners...NYC
an image of a woman's head in a mesh curtain
Holographic Portraits Painted on Delicate Layers of Fabric and Netting
a group of people's faces are projected onto the wall
Tony Oursler / gallery
Tony Oursler