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a bulletin board with several bags hanging on it's hooks and some magnets
Pedagogiska lärmiljöer
a refrigerator with several magnets on it in a kitchen
Kläder efter väder
a pair of purple and blue scissors are stuck to a wooden pole on the sidewalk
Brilliant! Nail a fidget to a wall!
an art project with handprints on the wall in front of a basket full of crayons
Förskolan Viljan
there are many bottles on the shelves above the bookshelf in this small room
Pedagogiska lärmiljöer
Pedagogiska lärmiljöer – PEDAGOG INSPIRATION
a bucket full of paint and brushes under a tree with the word troll sto written on it
Trollspö utomhus i förskolan. Förvandla vanliga pinnar till magiska trollspö.
there are many stamps on the floor to spell out their name and place them in front of each other
Saga på golvet | förskola | pedagogik | småbarn
an old chair is sitting in the grass with some sort of furniture on it's side
a young boy standing in front of a green lego wall hanging on a brick wall
Outdoor Maths ideas - Twinkl
Our duplo wall we use it to count on, create patterns and just build. A great resource for all ages. Outdoor Maths Ideas - Twinkl Blog
the refrigerators are decorated with different colored houses
Knack knack knack! Vem bor här? Ålder 1-3 år.