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Memes {finished✔️} - LGBTQ
a woman holding a knife in one hand and looking at the other with an angry look on her face
c r a c k (BNHA chat fic) |Under New Ownership| - MeMeS (pt 2)
a man pointing his finger at the camera with an ad in front of him that reads, you can't disapport your family if you've never made them proud
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an escalator with the words i once fell down an escalator after telling my dad was too old to hold his hand
I once fell down an escalator after telling my dad I was "too old" to hold his hand.
I guess you could say...THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY
a child reaching into a kitchen sink with the words, my son is 2 and looks just like his dad but every so often
Well I need to marry someone handsome so my son/daughter can have Amazing looks but be a book worm and klutz like me
two mannequins in front of a chandelier with the words just dumped into
Slow to catch on