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an outdoor sculpture made out of bamboo sticks and trees in the background is a circular mirror
13 inspirerande trädgårdar
13 inspirerande trädgårdar |
a wooden bench made out of branches in a park with grass and trees behind it
shows how to build basic indoor and outdoor furniture, plus trellises
a wooden table with two bamboo poles on the top and one in the middle, against a dark background
Ching Chair No.2
a group of bamboo sticks arranged in the shape of a star
Tensegrity Geodesic Dome
a chair made out of bamboo sticks with the word wood lamp on it's back
the instructions for making an origami vase with bamboo sticks and metal wire,
Thousand Line Construction
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a hut made out of sticks in the dirt
paulo do val architecture
Viviendas nómadas Fulani
two pictures side by side, one with bamboo and the other with wood
Building with Bamboo: 13 Super Sustainable Structures
This geometric bamboo structure is not located in Asia or in the tropics, but in the rather unexpected locale of Goshen, Indiana. American architecture practice De Leon & Primmer created the Mason Lane Farm Operations Facility as their entry into the 2010 World Architecture Festival. It houses farm equipment, hay and other stored goods. The bamboo stalks were laid out in a lattice grid fashion and assembled using galvanized rebar wire ties, providing perforated walls that let the wind dry the ha
people are sitting at tables in a bamboo structure that looks like it's made out of wood
an artistic structure made out of bamboo sticks in the middle of a park at night
Galería de Fábrica en la tierra / Ryuichi Ashizawa Architect & Associates - 14
Galería - Fábrica en la tierra / Ryuichi Ashizawa Architect & Associates - 14
a woman walking down a walkway under large umbrellas
two large wooden structures sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a body of water
Bamboo house pavilion, Niigata
an image of the ocean with different types of waves and patterns on it, including two pictures
The Swing Pavilion: Lombok International Bamboo Architectural Festival. Highly expressive bamboo pavilion that use traditional bamboo craftsmanship as a construction method. Its geometry is based on the “Enneper Surface”, a double-curved surface that originates in the fields of algebraic geometry. The double-curved surface operates as grid-shell that uses the bending properties of bamboo for its strength.