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a black and white sign with the words bon - jour written in large letters
Living by W
This could also be on my whishlist
two people standing in front of a full moon on a dark blue background with white lettering
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an instagram page with a ship on it
Whale | Petrol Grey Art Print by Seaside Spirit
Whale | Petrol Grey Art Print
the label for mandarin fruit company
100% tasty
cocktail card | laura medina
a blue and white poster with the words squeezeze them for creative juices
When you get lemons, squeeze them for creative juices.
an orange vase and two peaches on a beige background with green leaves in the foreground
🍊composition n•6 . . #pot #pottery #ceramics #composition #orange #maroc #collage #minimalism #colors #shape #abstract #print #art…
a painting of a person standing in front of flowers
For the monday coffee.
Är så glad för mina fina vänner som tagit steget och startat upp sin egen plats The Northern Sisters Collective. Jag önskar dem all världens lycka till och rekommenderar dig varmt att...
a painting of pink flowers being held by a person's hand on a blue background
Saara Katariina Söderlund
Peonies and ladybugs by Saara Katariina Söderlund
a painting of red flowers in a vase with green leaves and berries on a black background
Carnet Imaginaire
Becca Stadtlander, Bouquet
an illustration of flowers and plants on a black background with the words wildflowers written below
The herbal bed: Katie Scott's psychedelic flora and fauna – in pictures
Nike trainers sprout plants and French perfumiers inspire by mysterious scientific icons in Katie Scott’s visions that take botanical illustration into the digital age
a blue and white drawing of a woman sitting on top of a rock in the grass
15 inspiring examples of screen printing
I imagine this is you gazing up at the moon. 10 inspiring examples of screen printing - Laurie Hastings #screenprinting
a drawing of a person's hand reaching for something in the middle of plants
one colour screen print, available from my online shop, melissacastrillon.bigcartel.com/
an illustration of a hand holding a bouquet of flowers with leaves and acorns
The Atlantis Project, in support of MOAS...
Melissa Castrillon : The Atlantis Project, in support of MOAS...
a blue and white fabric with animals, plants and birds on it's side
AW15 PREVIEW - paperchase : nordic nights
print & pattern: AW15 PREVIEW - paperchase : nordic nights