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a small red house with white chairs and an umbrella in front of the door area
Experten tipsar: Så matchar du trädgården med husets stil | ELLE
Bild: Idealista
two white chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a red building with windows
a wooden table and chairs in front of a red barn
Made In Persbo
a red building with some plants growing out of it
a red building with chairs and tables in front of it on gravel ground next to trees
Grus rotting
an outdoor patio with chairs and table next to a red house in the woods,
Allt i Hemmet 6/2018 (Made in Persbo)
Allt i Hemmet 6/2018 | Made in Persbo | Bloglovin’
there is a patio with chairs and tables in the yard
Hållbar uteplats