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a street scene with leaves on the ground and a drawing of a frog holding a broom
Playful Chalk Art by David Zinn | Art and Design
Adorable street art by David Zinn - gefunden und gepinnt vom Immobilienmakler in Hannover:
a cat walking on top of a pile of doughnuts next to a sidewalk
Streetart: The Works of UK-based Street Artist JPS (15 Pictures)
NUUN BERLIN | streetart_by_jps_03 #NuunBerlin #StreetArt
a yellow train parked next to a loading platform with chalk drawings on the ground in front of it
MinuteBuzz - The Happiest Media EVER !
Quand les artistes prennent la rue d’assaut !
a large heart painted on the side of a building with pipes coming out of it
X. It’s what’s happening
Graffiti Art from the Heart compete with ventricles to PUMP the blood around as the heart is just an awesome PUMP ❤
a man is falling down an escalator with a fake shark in the bottom
30 Amazing 3D Street Art
Amazing photos
a woman with flowers on her head and the words buenos daas written below it
Taringa! - Inteligencia Colectiva en Taringa!
Street art por Melancia, en Brasil
a frog statue sitting in between two large rocks
sluggo on the street
George doesn’t just nurse a beer; he plans a college fund for it.
an image of a man holding a light in front of a building with the caption's name on it
Street Art, Many Small, Mostly Amusing - Dusky's Wonders
<Essência Lírica. street art Čačak, Serbia #streetart jd Más
a mural on the side of a building with a man holding a tree in his hand
9 bilder på människor som använt växter för att göra perfekt gatukonst
9 bilder på människor som använt växter för att göra perfekt gatukonst
an escalator decorated with cartoon characters and donuts
9 geniala bilder på reklam som verkligen är mitt i prick.
Homer is hungry