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a man standing next to a drum set on top of a stage
Alex Van Halen
Alex Van Halen 1984 Tour
a black drum set with white lettering on it
Sonor Phil Rudd signature...
several rows of corn on display in a store
Drum Sticks Displayed En Masse
drum sticks
a green drum set sitting on top of a wooden table next to a blue wall
I love Sonor drums!
a drum set up in front of a microphone and other musical equipment on the floor
sonor drums
a black and white photo of a sonor drum set with the words sonor on it
sonor drums wallpaper
sonor drums
the muppet is playing drums with his mouth wide open and tongue sticking out,
Animal: the one and only.
an orange and black guitar shaped like a carton with jack daniels label on it
Yamaha Jack Daniels Bass (Michael Anthony) formally of Van Halen...
a drum set sitting on top of a carpeted floor
Great pics of Buddy Rich's 70s-era Slingerland kit by Peterson Design.
a drum set is on display in front of a glass window with the name yamaha written on it
Alex Van Halen’s drum kit enters Rock Hall Of Fame Museum
Alex Van Halen’s historic drum kit The set, which was used on more than 100 shows during Van Halen’s 1980 World Invasion Tour in support of the “Women and Children First” album, is now on display at the Cleveland site.
a red drum set sitting on top of a white background
a man sitting in front of a drum set
Cream Farewell Concert 1968 - Ginger Baker Interview
Cream Farewell Concert 1968 - Ginger Baker Interview
the drummers are playing drums on stage
Ginger Baker
someone is playing drums on the floor
Jazz Drummers Workshop: The Stick Shot (by Modern Drummer columnist Steve Fidyk)