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a man wearing a blue hat and white shirt with a red rose in his lapel
Khadim Sock y Malick Bodian para Vogue Hommes por Rafael Pavarotti
a woman with bright blue makeup on her face and the words favorite written in front of her
Favorite Magazine F/W 2020 Covers (Favorite Magazine)
a black and white photo of a person with a hat
Photographer Julien Martinez Leclerc captures curated truth with surreal perspective and a geometrical eye
a man is running across the street with a suitcase on his back and feet in the air
S.W.S. | Clothing and Accessories
a man with sunglasses and a skateboard in front of him
L'Uomo Vogue Posers 2021 Fashion Editorial
a woman is sitting on the floor wearing red pants and white top with her legs crossed
Helmut Lang Dressed a Generation of Nineties Influencers, Then He Disappeared—Sarah Mower Takes Us Back