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a small blue and white house sitting on top of a parking lot next to a building
Making A Living With A Tiny House Based Business - Tiny House Blog
THOW based 2
the outside of a shop with wooden tables and chairs in front of it, along with potted plants
keep it simple.
Roamers, Neukölln
an image of a store front with cakes and cupcakes on the table outside
pinterest: ziralk
there are three different pictures with trees in the background and one is hanging upside down
Romantic Tree Camping In Germany
How about sunset tree camping on top of a Bavarian mountain summit in Germany? Swoon:)
three different views of a pink and white cart with lipstick on it's sides
POPAI Awards Paris 2015
the outside of a wine shop in france
Caveau-L'Isle Sur la Sorgue-(Provence), France
a store front with lots of items on display
Droguerie by John Galbo
Droguerie, France
a green store front with bread in the window
De verde esmeralda - Paperblog
love love love(d) it!
the outside of a restaurant with red and white awnings on it's windows
Au Pied de Fouet by Inge Johnsson
Small store in Paris, France; photo by Inge Johnsson
the outside of a restaurant with tables and chairs
Perfect place for meetings :)
an old fashion store with flowers and plants in the front window, surrounded by potted plants
Quaint florist shop in Rome
a pink building with flowers on the windows and an open umbrella in front of it
Art and Architecture Architecturia
Pink store front
a pink store front with lots of baskets on the outside and colorful chairs in front
Part 4: Random shop windows pictures, England
"The Little Shop of Funkiness" & their fabulous pink store front <3