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the food is being cooked in the pan on the stove
Lägg riven vitkål i stekpannan och blanda med 3 ingredienser – resultatet får mig att skrika efter mer
a platter filled with meat and vegetables on top of a blue tablecloth next to glasses of beer
Billig mat till matlådan – 13 enkla recept
a casserole dish with cucumbers and tomatoes in it on a blue table cloth
Italiensk squashgratäng med vitlöksbröd
a casserole dish with tomatoes, cheese and herbs in it on a wooden table
Köttfärsomelett i långpanna
a bowl filled with stew next to a red skillet and spoon on a table
Linsgryta med vitkål
a pan filled with chicken and vegetables on top of a stove
Halloumipanna med cashewnötter, riven ost och röd paprika
a casserole dish with broccoli and cheese in it on a table
Broccoligratäng med fetaost (GET IT ON)