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a pirate chest filled with gold coins next to some other items on a white surface
the number recognition treasure hunt printable is shown with chocolate eggs and gold foiled numbers
Ahoy! Number Recognition Pirate Treasure Hunt For Toddlers
an open suitcase filled with lots of gold coins and other items to make it look like they're hunting for kids
DIY Treasure Hunt for Kids
Kids love treasure hunts! I love adding a bit of learning into it. When learning about directions, I introduced children to compasses. With compasses in hand, we started our search for treasure. I used it for social studies, but it would be a great party game for kids too.
a hand holding a compass with the words compass directions game
Compass Directions Outdoor Game
the poster for free mini - case is shown with papers and pen on top of it
Unsolved Case Files - Free Printable
a piece of paper with the words secret messages on it next to some paint tubes
Secret Messages — Encourage Play
Secret Message Activity for Kids by Encourage Play
a sign that says, treasures hunt and scavenger hunt clue ideas x on it
10 Best Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Clue Ideas
two pictures with the words it's a mystery written in black ink on white paper
Fun Mystery Unit Activities - Let Your Kids Think Like Detectives!
Mystery Activities - Invisible Ink 1
a page describing the contents of a science project with pictures and text on it, including grapes
Fun with Mysteries