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a wooden table topped with pine cones and evergreens next to a bottle filled with candles
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some oranges and nuts are on a plate
Apelsiner med kryddnejlikor 2.0
I år investerade jag i en Siselerare (ett cestjärn) för att ta de obligatoriska kryddnejlike-apelsinerna till nästa nivå. Och jag är så himla nöjd med resultatet. Det var betydligt enklare än jag…
a white table topped with candles and christmas decorations on top of a metal platter
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.Birdhouse and pinecones
a tray with candles and moss on it that says god will give you the gift of life
two napkins tied together with twine and some red berries on the table next to each other
Decora las servilletas para estas Navidades.
two white candles sitting on top of a glass plate with twine and starburst decorations
Creative and Inspiring Modern Christmas Candles Decorations Ideas #diychristmasdecorations
a wooden table topped with candles and christmas decorations on top of it's sides
Navidad acogedora , #acogedora #navidad
a long table with candles, apples and moss on the side in front of it
Jul i vårt hus.
Bordet står redo för julfrukosten i morgon bitti. Det blir gröt och skinkmacka sedan blir det traditionellt julfirande med f...
wine glasses upside down with ornaments as candles - november 2015
santa's face cookies are being made and decorated with white frosting
Santa Oreos - Positively Splendid {Crafts, Sewing, Recipes and Home Decor}
Santa Oreos - Such an easy and cute Christmas treat idea to make with kids!
homemade gingerbread cookies are ready to be eaten
Hanging Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
This Hanging Gingerbread Cookie recipe is a unique spin on the classic. Just add a small candy cane to the back and hang the cookies from a nice warm cup of cocoa!
the cookies are shaped like letters and have eyes
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