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a close up of a bracelet on a white tablecloth with beads and metal clasps
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Leather macrame bracelet with sterling silver beads Pale green criss-cross. $73.00, via Etsy.
a room with a bench, table and window in it's display area on the wall
modern macramé // sally england
a piece of cloth with some beads and other things hanging from it's side
WIP #34 - Just doin' it
Grandma Coco's Designs: WIP #34 - Just doin' it *fazer grande com bolachas de madeira na parte redonda, macramê de corda e ganchos para chapéu na bolacha de madeira.
three pictures of different types of bracelets with beads and pearls on the end of each strand
As in every macrame bracelet, i love to try different color combinations in beads and thread. As per usual, video tutorial by the wonderful 'Macrame School' here:
four pictures showing how to crochet the same stitch on each side of the loop
makrame patterns
a woman is working on a macrame wall hanging from the ceiling with her hands
Meet Sally England, the Artist Making Macramé Cool Again
Macrame on a large scale by Sally England - Fibre Artist
multiple images of different types of wires and wires in various stages of being connected to each other
46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear
DIY Macrame Bracelets. You know, just to amortize the money my parents spent on that summer macrame class after second grade.