Mini Bedrooms

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the doll house is decorated in white and has many items on it's shelves
Lingeriekast (2004) - N. Claes - Atelier Little Magic
a dollhouse bed with pink and gold decorations on it's sides, sitting on a wooden table
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a white bed with pink and white bedspread on it's headboard
Miniature Dressed Beds by Miss Amelia
a white bed topped with lots of pillows
Bed linens
a bed with ruffled bedspread and pillows on it
a white bed sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall mounted mirror
Dolly Bedding
a bed with pink and white comforters on top of it
New linens
the dollhouse bed is made with miniature furniture
DIY Bedding Hack — Jessica Cloe Miniatures
a dollhouse bed with pink and green flowers on the bedspread, pillows and pillowcases
Houses & Doll's House Miniatures for Doll Handmade for sale | eBay