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the stationary bike intervals are shown in blue and pink
4 Ways to Turn the Stationary Bike Into a Fat-Burning Machine
Crush this 20-minute interval workout that alternates between easy, moderate, hard, and all-out levels of exertion.
a woman doing squats on a bench with the caption seated hip abdlation 4x10
New blog post: How do I train my glutes 6 times a week (with little rest!)? Link in bio I do specific exercises on different days, and give my body the correct time it needs to rest and recover Yup, I work my glutes on chest + back days and on arms day! This is my FAV booty burner to finish off upper body day All you need is a resistance band so you can do this at home is you're feeling lazy. Do 2 circuits of this with a 2 minute rest in between. Seated Hip Abduction x40 Lyi...
an image of a man doing bench presss
Lying cable skull crusher instructions and video | Weight Training Guide
Lying cable skull crusher. Exercise type: isolated push. Target muscle: Triceps Brachii. Synergists: None.
a woman in black sports bra top and leggings holding a gray object with one arm
Magträning utan effekt?
Magträning utan effekt? |
Omvända crunches med fotdopp. Susanne Jarl Lower Abs, Mandalas, Mitt, Yoga Übungen, Tips
Träna Mage & Rygg med mitt Coreträningsprogram
Omvända crunches med fotdopp. Susanne Jarl
a woman laying on the ground with a barbell
CORE WORK! All ya need is a set of dumbbells 🤗 - Sit up to press x 15 reps Overhead V-ups x 15 reps Dumbbell Twists x 15 reps each side…
a woman is doing an exercise on the floor
a woman is laying on the floor with her legs up in front of her head
a man sitting on top of a bench with a barbell in front of him
Give this Hip Thrust Combo a whirl 💪🏻🍑 and let me know how you like it! 😁 - I’ve been giving these this to my clients lately... and it’s…
5 Best Exercises To Get Tone And Firm Breast - My List Of Inspirational Things
5 best exercises to get toned and firm breast
a woman squats on a bench in the gym
BACK DAY! It was busy as hell at the gym this day so I posted up on the cable machine for majority of this workout. #MakeItWork My gym is…
a woman is doing exercises in the gym
SEXY BACK TIME 💃🏽. Tank top and swim season are upon us so it’s time we show our upper bodies a little more attention. No more cute…