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a crocheted white chicken sitting on top of a shelf next to a basket
Virka en höna! - mönster
a blue toothbrush sitting on top of a purple rope
Messy Bun Hat: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern
a red crocheted heart hanging on a wooden door with white snow around it
Home Is Where... / DROPS Extra 0-1400 - Gratis virkmönster från DROPS Design
the crochet is being worked on and ready to be made into a flower
DIY – Mormorsrutor
four crocheted hearts sitting on top of a glass plate
Virkad frukt & grönsaker – Ellis Pysselhörna
several crocheted hearts arranged in the shape of a heart on a wooden surface
DIY – Mormorsrutor med Prästkragar/Daisy Squares
a crocheted pink heart with flowers on it sitting on a wooden table next to a piece of wood
Virkade hjärtan med små rosor på