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an animal statue is standing on its hind legs with it's mouth open and tongue out
a group of birds walking across a street next to each other on the side of a road
a frog sitting on top of a lush green leaf covered forest filled with lots of leaves
an animal with long hair standing on top of a wooden structure and eating something in it's mouth
Angry gelada on the roof
a brown bear standing on top of a cement road next to grass and rocks in the background
NIKUO (@onraisan) on X
a black and white animal sitting on top of a tree branch with leaves in the background
cus cus/greater glider on
a brown and white animal sitting on the ground next to a stone wall in front of it
Embracing the World of Unusual Animals cute animals beautiful animal unusual animals activities
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an animal that is laying down on the ground with its mouth open and it's tongue hanging out
a yellow and black animal standing on top of a lush green forest
Yellow Throated Marten
a brown and white monkey sitting on top of a tree branch