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an outdoor area with a hose rack and other items on the ground next to a door
a woman sitting on the ground working with pipes
Sweet Bee Garden -
Adventures in installing an irrigation system. | Sweet Bee Garden
how to make a pyc drip system save time, money and water in the garden
PVC Drip Irrigation System for your garden - Our Stoney Acres
PVC Drip Irrigation is an inexpensive and easy to build method for watering your backyard garden. After adding a PVC drip irrigation system to your garden you can expect stronger vegetable plants, fewer weeds and a lower water bill!
the garden hoses are connected to the ground
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pvc irrigation siystems for gardens | Vegetable garden irrigation system; pvc pipe and soaker hoses
there are many plants that have water bottles attached to the planters and one is saying, when medical people take care of plants
Never thought of this, GENIUS!!!
the corner of a building that is being built with concrete and steel bars on it
Linear Channel Drains
concealled drainage gulley - Google Search
the garden hose is attached to the ground with two plants growing in it and on top of each other
Cheap and brilliant irrigation system!!
an open wooden box filled with black hoses
sub-irrigated raised garden bed flex drains
a pipe laying on top of dirt next to a metal gutter cover and wall
French Drains to Fix Your Foundation Problems
there are six orange plastic spkles in the water and on top of each other
Automatic Irrigation Watering Spikes - Set of 8 | Collections Etc.
Irrigation spikes - attach these spikes to old soft drink bottles to create an efficient irrigation system for your garden! The slow-drip design delivers water deep into the soil, so your plants stay nourished while you save time watering.
an image of water coming out of a pipe into the ground with plants in it
Roadside Revegetation Portal—An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants
projets de tuyaux pvc | Figure 10.136 - utilisation de l'irrigation de casserole profonde un tuyau ouvert PVC placé ...
an automatic sprinkle system that anyone can do on the lawn or in the yard
Survival Archives - SHTFPreparedness
Automated Sprinkler System - If you want a lush, green awesome looking garden you need to water it. This DIY project shows you how you can turn regular garden hoses, sprinkler heads and sprinkler timers into an automated watering buddy you will love forever!
a camera attached to the side of a white tent with leaves on it and an orange pole
DIY Greenhouse Irrigation System For Overhead Sprinklers
How to install a greenhouse sprinkler system. It's simple and inexpensive!
several brown vases are lined up on the ground
Making An Olla With Everyday Things
Making an Olla - Maybe like me you had never heard of an Olla, pronounced Oh Yah. An Olla is an ancient watering pot, that is buried in the ground in the area that you put your plants, when the plants need water the roots suck the water from the Olla.
there is a plant growing out of a pot on the ground next to a spoon
Permaculture magazine
Clay Pot Irrigation - a simple adaptation of an ancient technique | Permaculture Magazine
a water slide that is in the middle of a body of water with an arrow pointing to it
Ancient Egyptian irrigation methods
a man standing next to a large metal tube on top of a dirt field with green plants
Moisture-Collecting Plant Canopies
Moisture-Collecting Plant Canopies
a pair of yellow scissors with black handles on white snow covered ground in the foreground
The domain name is for sale. Buy it now!
Considering a drip irrigation? Learn how to make your own simple but effective sprinkler system
a man is using a pipe to fix a drain in the ground with a hammer
How To Build Your Own Self-Watering Planter
Sub-irrigated garden boxes... COOL! (watch the video!)
an older man sitting in the middle of some plants
Super Efficient Irrigation With Buried Clay Pots | Grow, Prepare, and Preserve Your Own Food and Medicine
Super Efficient Irrigation With Buried Clay Pots | Grow, Prepare, and Preserve Your Own Food and Medicine
several raised garden beds with plants growing in them and fenced in area around them
How to Build a Drip Watering System for Outside Plants
a man is working with some soil in his garden area and he is using a power cord to connect the ground
How to Start a Raised-Bed Veggie Garden
Install automated drip watering to ensure every plant get what it needs without waste.
a woman kneeling down next to a brick wall with a hose in her hand and water coming out of it
Drip Irrigation For Raised Beds
Drip Irrigation For Raised Beds
the tools are laying out on the wooden floor
The drip irrigation setup
DIY Drip Watering System
a diagram showing the flow of water from a pump to a pipe with an arrow pointing up
How the ram pump works
a garden hose attached to a wooden wall with flowers in the background and green foliage
DIG Digital Hose Thread Watering Timer BO9DB - The Home Depot
Conserve water with a lawn watering timer. Watering duration can be from one minute to almost 12 hours. Watering frequency can be programmed hourly, daily or weekly.
a person holding a hose connected to a water faucet in front of a wooden fence
Tap button to turn your water off or on.