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English bell ringers (vol 2)

These middle & high English bell-ringers (volume 2) is a comprehensive FULL YEAR resource that includes everything you need to start each class off with an engaging activity!


As a veteran teacher, one of my most requested forms is my class syllabus. This free download provides you with my ELA class syllabus, but since it is an editable PowerPoint file you can tailor it to suit any grade level or subject area. The template includes areas for course expectations, course information, class rules, class expectations, grading policy, absent work policy, etc.


FREE Grade 7 ELA Common Core Documentation Planning Checklist. (PDF and editable Microsoft Word versions included) Each checklist contains all five of the ELA standards in an easy-to-read and record format, an area to jot down the dates you teach the standard, and a section to write notes about stories used, what worked, what needs to be revised, etc.


New anchor chart for revise vs. edit. This is definitely an area my kids struggle with so we'll see how it works!


Anchor Charts

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.4.6 Compare and contrast a firsthand and secondhand account of the same...

från Teachers Pay Teachers

Bell ringers for english

These bell ringers/ bell work/ class starters are an excellent way to motivate your students, manage your classroom, and assess their understanding of many the grade 8-10 ELA Common Core standards! The resource also includes some fun puzzles, video journals, and more. Start a class or two a week with silent reading, and this resource will last you the whole school year! #bellringer #english #teach #class


Close Reading... What an awesome way to show students why reading over again is SO IMPORTANT!! And using Oreos!

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Teach Tone with One Sentence

Have tone and mood been stumbling blocks for your middle grade students? One of the most frequent questions I get from teachers is about how to teach tone. Now, I no longer have to reply, "I'll be darned if I know!" ;) Here's an awesome trick to teach kids what tone means and how to include it in writing!

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Daily Three in an Upper Grades Classroom

Daily Three Reading Centers in an Upper Elementary Classroom. Read about this teacher's reading centers and grab some FREE accountability forms.