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four beaded christmas ornaments sitting on top of a green surface with red, white and green beads
a cross stitch pattern with a santa claus face on the front and bottom, as well as numbers
a yellow and purple ducky brooch sitting on top of a white table next to a wall
Chick Easter Perler Bead
four perler bead coasters in different colors and designs, each decorated with flowers
Easter Eggs 2
two lego ducks sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with plastic pegs
two pieces of perler bead art depicting an animal and a duck, on a wooden surface
six perler beads with different designs and colors on the top one is made out of plastic
Spielwaren-Kröll * Spiel | Freizeit | Kreativ | Trends
two pieces of perler bead art depicting an angry duck and the other bird
a white and pink bunny made out of legos
an object made out of plastic beads on top of a white surface with blue, yellow and green circles
Kransar av rörpärlor
a cross stitch hello kitty with hearts on it's chest and the words hello kitty written in red
Alpha pattern #18149