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a bed sitting inside of a bedroom next to a window filled with plants and trees
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a pair of shoes sitting on top of a wooden floor in front of a window
some blue and white tiles on the steps
lina's garden
a bedroom with an open glass door leading to the outside and trees in the background
21 Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Spaces
21 Beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Spaces | Apartment Therapy
a kitchen with a large window overlooking the city
Deborah Berke Design | CIM Group/Macklowe Properties | 432 Park Avenue in NYC | concept by DBOX
a wooden deck in front of a house surrounded by trees
Former Industrial Building Becomes a Contemporary Home (U-House)
architect natalie dionne converts an old industrial building in to a contemporary house. montreal, canada.
a large open room with glass walls on top of a wooden floored decking area
Gallery of House W / 01Arq - 18
an architect's dream house
a modern house with glass walls and sliding doors on the outside, surrounded by greenery
The Brown Residence / Lake|Flato Architects
outdoor living