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a cup with some stickers on top of it next to cards and magnets
Spökburk! Sjung tillsammans med spökena. Spökramsor och sångkort.
someone is holding up two cards with the words, our emotions card game managing big emotions with kids
Printable Feelings & Emotions Card Game: The Game of Feelings
Use Our Emotions Card Game to help children of all ages learn to recognise, manage and regulate big emotions.
an image of a cartoon porcupine running on one leg and his head turned to the side
Flanosaga: Höst för våra små djur
Förskolläraren: Flanosaga: Höst för våra små djur
a box with some stickers on top of it next to an open cardboard box
Mattesagor med nallar
a cartoon rat with an orange hat on its head and legs, standing in front of a white background
Fröken Flano Filosoferar
Fröken Flano Filosoferar: Flano Det var det fräckaste 2-6år
an animal and its food are shown in this cartoon book page with the words, rimma med farg
Kul att lära - Pyssel –
Kul att lära - Pyssel (Skriv ut) - Pyssel - Bamse
an image of different animals and their names in the same language, with words below them
Mariaslekrum - Illustrerade rimramsor.
an animal and bird worksheet for kids
Mariaslekrum - Illustrerade rimramsor.
Mariaslekrum - Illustrerade rimramsor.
four different types of words in english and spanish with pictures on the front, one for each
four yellow sticky notes with words written on them and pinned to the back of each post - it note
Utvärderingslappar till eleverna. Plocka 1-2 lappar och utvärdera din dag. Bra komma-igång-träning tänker jag.