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a vase filled with dried flowers next to wooden cutout shapes on a white wall
Décoration de Noël en carton DIY - Lucky Sophie blog famille voyage
#Decoration #Noel #carton #DIY #diynoel #diyenfant #activitemanuelle #activitecreative #bricolageenfant #LuckySophie #blogfamille
some cut out houses sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and yarn
A suivre : @vikandpaule - Milk Magazine
A suivre : @vikandpaule | MilK
two hand puppets with red hats on them
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two children's handprints on paper with different animals and people drawn on them
Gör en fin jultavla av barnens hand- och fotavtryck!
a christmas tree made out of strips of colored paper
Julpyssel till yngre barn
a handprinted christmas card with santa's hat and eyeballs on it
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an ornament shaped like a triangle with three stars on the front and back
Korghjärta av papper