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an image of a pattern with flowers and leaves on it in pink, blue, red, orange and green colors
an iphone screen with the wordpress app on it and flowers painted in watercolor
Happy 1st of May!
an image of colorful flowers and plants on a white background with blue, red, yellow, green, orange and pink colors
HEAL'S - jobs handtryk
an art work with many different colored umbrellas
Dandelions by Sophie Grandval...so pretty!
a lot of bananas that are on a beige background with blue dots and black spots
Loose Fruit - alexi | ello
Lekfullt mönster på bananer #banana #banan #mönster
an orange and grapefruit pattern is shown in red, yellow and black colors
Illustration alumnus features in Amelia's Magazine Colouring Book - Arts University Bournemouth
Laura Schofield Design - Orange and Passion FruitLaura Schofield