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a living room with red curtains and a white chair in front of a large window
THE ART BOX Indian Old Silk Blend Sari Curtains, Boho Patchwork Curtains Door Window Treatment Panel Drapes for Home Décor 2 Panel (84"x42" Each Panel)
a living room with pink curtains and a white couch
HILJA Curtains, 1 pair
A perfect solution when you want privacy or want to block annoying glares on TV and computer screens. The outside light still comes through and creates a cosy atmosphere in the room. HILJA Curtains, 1 pair Color:Light red
two potted cactus plants in front of a pink wall with polka dot designs on it
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the pink sheets and pillow cases are folded together
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a white flowered tree branch against a gray background
Wallpaper | Apple Blossom Tree Floral Wallpaper | Fresco
an image of a bed with white sheets and pillows on top of it in front of a white background
TRUBBTÅG White Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, 240x220/50x80 cm - IKEA
three pillows stacked on top of each other
GUCKUSKO Light Turquoise Lyocell Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, 240x220/50x80 - IKEA