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three different types of safety equipment are shown in black and white colors, including a hard hat
Arklink™ Visual Brand Design - World Brand Design Society
various colored letters and arrows on a white background with the words naba communication awards
the logos for intelligent cities are designed in pixelistic style and have different color variations
Intelligent Cities — Erola Boix
a yellow sign with the words safeway written in red and black on white paper
Safeway Price Sticker
several balls hanging from strings in front of a pink background with an orange and blue ball
PIM | Pelota
an abstract background with different colored balls and circles in the shape of a circle on a black background
Adobe Live: Visual Identity
an assortment of different types of paper and tags on a black background, including one barcode
Sticker Pack - Graphic Assets
a large poster with many different colored labels on it's black back ground and white background
p_gunlabels_cus.jpg |
four blue books are stacked on top of each other
Fish & Tips on Behance … – a grouped picture – Pin Them All – #Behance #gru … – Design
an assortment of different types of paper with images on them and in the middle, there is
Alfa cosmetic brand design by Caio Designer
Alfa cosmetic brand design by Caio Designer | Fivestar Branding Agency – Design and Branding Agency & Curated Inspiration Gallery #beauty #beautybranding #skincare #cosmetics #branding #brandingdesign #brandinginspiration #brandingagency #brand #design #identity #typography #logodesign #printdesign #packagedesign #packaging