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Polar – Internet Gems: Website ✦Inspiration
an image of a poster with the words talk and music on it's side
241313955_3672119296347542_3909243023414147736_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-prg1-1.cdninstagram.com-_nc_cat=102-_nc_ohc=clvuqxhjqkm... | Are.na
Are.na is a platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge.
an open box with different items in it
Arek Kajda (@kajdax) on X
an apple event poster with the image of an apple on it's back side
Apple confirms another event is scheduled for November 10
four different colored stuffed animals with the words family in front of them and an image of three smiling faces
Verizon Fios
the website design for university students targeted by creative phishing compogns is shown in three different colors
an octopus is laying on the sand with bubbles and starfish in the water next to it
Little Blue Starfish By Lee Yeon Woo BUKK COMPANY
a plastic container with a smiley face in it on top of a metal tray against a yellow background
a traffic light with two different colored lights on it's sides and one red
traffic light
a white t - shirt with the words labels labels and an image of a paper clip
Howard Custom Transfers, Inc. | Quality Custom Heat Transfers
an orange and white box with some writing on the inside is sitting in front of a gray background
Plastic Death