Иконки для игры

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the different types of crystals are shown in this graphic style, including rocks and stones
Gemstone Icons, Sylwia Smerdel
an old paper with many different rocks and crystals
Minerals, Elena Linkova
an old paper with various items on it and the words pathfinderr written below
an assortment of different types of items on a black background with a gold border around it
Gui assets, Olga Alexandrova
ArtStation - Gui assets, Olga Alexandrova
an array of different items are shown in the game's screenshotor screen
nan_icon on Behance
Badge Icon, Game Logo Design, Mobile Art
an item in the card game's interface, which includes two screens and one screen with
popup windows, Olga Alexandrova
ArtStation - popup windows, Olga Alexandrova