Villavägen Hall

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there is a plant sitting on the stairs in this house with no one around it
there is a plant on the stairs in this house
a gray bench sitting next to a wall with a basket hanging on it's side
Johanna hittade drömhuset på joggingturen – se prästgården med fik & blomodling
the hallway is clean and ready for us to use
Villa Gelinder
an entry way leading to a dining room and living room area with checkered tile flooring
Villa Gelinder
the floor is tiled and has columns on each side, along with a wooden table in the background
Ölandplatten 600 x 600 mm
a room that is being remodeled with tile flooring
a person standing on a checkered floor with their feet propped up in the air
a tile floor that has been cleaned and sealed
carpet samples are arranged on the floor in front of a shelf with boxes and other items