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an old tapestry with animals and birds on it
New launches and diary dates: what House & Garden’s editors are excited about this month
What House & Garden’s editors are excited about this month | House & Garden
an animal with a crown on it's head is depicted in a medieval style
Intarsiabroderi – SKA Aros – Medeltiden i Uppsala
Intarsiabroderi Material och teknik Intarsiabroderi, ibland kallad mosaik-broderi, är en teknik där ett mönster utklippt från två olikfärgade bitar vadmal byts mot varandra och sys in i hålet som b…
Art, Embroidery, Tapestry, Woven, Thread, Fabric, Pattern, Weave
Every Trip to Norway is a Textile Tour (At Least Unofficially)
an image of a painting with candles in front of it and a flower on the other side
a pink wall hanging with a heart on it
Parliament Tattoo | millie-amber
a piece of cloth with embroidered designs on it
the high priestess mini tapestry
an embroidered cloth with animals and plants on it
Cover | unknown | V&A Explore The Collections
Cover | unknown | V&A Search the Collections
an old rug with many different designs on it
Barbro Nilsson, A TAPESTRY, "Åar - Sakta rinnande vatten", tapestry variant, ca 243 x 108 cm, signed AB MMF BN. - Bukowskis
a close up of a rug with flowers on it
Modernit ryijyt
Kaukametsä / Far away forest Aappo Härkönen Modernit ryijyt - Ryijypalvelu RP Oy
an embroidered heart on a black background with white flowers and vines in the center, surrounded by lace
Art Details: Photo
an embroidered piece with white flowers and birds on blue fabric, in the shape of a tree
Towel | Russian | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an embroidered piece with birds and flowers on black background, in the shape of a square
Purse (Spain)
a painting with red flowers on it and a black figure in the center surrounded by leaves
Longue bande orné d'un personnage bacchique