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Funny satellite images from Google Maps, Earth and Street View.
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this is an aerial view of a farm land
Pacman eats - StreetViewFun
Pacman eating
an aerial view of a street with a drawing of a man wearing glasses and suspenders
Colonel Sanders can be seen from space - StreetViewFun
Colonel Sanders
an aerial view of a school with cars parked in the parking lot next to it
Huge Weiner Satellite Image - StreetViewFun
That is huge. Found around Fairfield college in New Zealand.
an aerial view of a colorful plane in the air
Caught by the gaydar - StreetViewFun
Rainbow airplane on Google Maps satellite images
an aerial view of a soccer field in the middle of town
Graduation prank - StreetViewFun
an aerial view of a parking lot with cars parked in it
Sunglasses - StreetViewFun
Bikini or sunglasses on a parking lot seen from Google Maps satellite images.
an aerial view of a vacant lot with the word warr painted on it's side
Funny satellite image from Google Maps