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an article from the book creative people need time to sit around and do nothing by austin kleon
a black and white drawing with the words stay true to you and you will end up incredibly happy
Do Something That Scares You - The Wink Blog
it's scary when things change, it's scary when things stay the same
two cartoon characters holding hands with the words tell you pre - ope that u love them
cute lil reminder | hallihoth
graffiti written on a white wall that says i will turn this anger into something beautiful
an image of a quote that says everything is hard before it is easy goethhe
Pin This | Curate Well Co.
a pink background with the words, remember when you wanted what you currently have?
55 Go-getter Quotes To Take Action And Slay Your Goals Now
Monday mood Just taking the time to step back from the crazy the slog the tiredness and the endurance game that is motherhood to truly embrace the pause and be truly bloody thankful. Dont do it enough. FACT. It seems to be such a dilemma to always want the next phase or the next thing. Whether thats the promotion at work new job bigger house next baby. Its exhausting. And can be so frustrating when its not happening. But what about just realising how much we DO have?! To just being in the ...