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a woman lifting a barbell during a competition
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Kara Saunders: 2018 CrossFit Games, CrossFit Total
a woman holding a barbell during a competition
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Kara Saunders: 2018 Pacific Regional, Event 2
a woman in a purple dress posing for the camera with her hands behind her head
Silvia Sarti
Silvia Sarti
a woman in black leggings and a pink shirt is taking a selfie
GLUTES GLUTES BABY!! Your fairy ‍♀️ glute mother coming in clutch . If you are still struggling with feeling your glutes firing , I got youuu. Honestly, after giving birth I struggled with it too. I had to get creative with the positioning of my body and the angles/ROM I was working in. I am approaching 1 year PP and I finally! feel as though I can fully activate my gluteals as powerfully as I could before baby #theswitchisflipped #doyourbootywork #letsgolaides! WWW.BRITTANYP...
a female bodybuilding competitor posing for the camera
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Amber DeFrancesco
a woman is doing yoga on a deck with an umbrella over her head and feet in the air
Get fit total body workout ✨ by @kaisafit 15 reps 4 sets
a woman is doing squats in a crossfit gym with dumbbells
Happy Friday everyone! Give this Curtsy lunge/squat /forward lunge to squat a try on your next leg day. Kept it light since went heavy on legs Wednesday Here I'm using a 25lb curl bar and (2) 10lb plates on each side for a total of 65lbs. Completed 10 reps per side followed by 1 minute bench hop overs with 45 seconds rest between sets. Have a great weekend and stay active❤️ #Bfitlikevaneworkouts #miami #training
a woman in blue shorts and a superman t - shirt is posing on the stairs
a woman is doing exercises on an exercise bike
Band around my ankles to sculpt the Targeting Gluteus Medius aka "Side booty" It's the Simple movements that Taking #Forge Pre-workout Fat burner to push me through my workouts @Legionath #LegionAthletics ⚡️
a woman squats on the ground in front of a gym machine with barbells
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