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a man in a suit and tie sitting on a bed with his hands folded out
Business Headshot Poses: How to Pose Professionally
40 Best Headshot Poses - How to Pose for Headshots | Fixthephoto
Stiltips för alla säsonger. People, Gentleman, Om, Lifestyle, Till, Guide, Timeless, Scenes, Couples
Allt om herrmode 2024: Trender, färger och stiltips för män
Det snyggaste inom klassiskt herrmode.
an old black and white photo shows men in different poses
Bartitsu: The Martial Art of Gentlemen
Bartitsu was created by William Barton-Wright, an English railroad engineer. This is the history of that martial art.
four pictures of men in different poses, one is holding two swords and the other has his arm extended
two men playing baseball in the snow with one holding a bat and another reaching for it
Curriculum - The Bartitsu Club of NYC
Self-Defence With A Walking Stick- Written by E. W. Barton-Wright and originally published in Pearson's Magazine, January-February 1901. "It must be understood that the new art of self-defence with a walking-stick, here introduced for the first time, differs essentially from single-stick or sword-play; for a man may be a champion in the use of sword or single-stick, and yet be quite unable to put a walking-stick to any effective use as a weapon of defence..."