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a stone wall with a drawing on it
Gamla Uppsala
Gamla Uppsala Sigviðr, traveller to England, raised this stone in memory of Védjarfr, (his) father ... ... ... This rune stone was used as building material for the church in Gamla (Old) Uppsala - next to the impressive burial mounds.... Well worth a visit !
a rock with a face carved into it sitting in the grass next to a tree
U 622, Härnevi, Bro, Uppland, Sweden. ' kunhi... ... eft[i]R ' sun sn * hursefn(i) * [auk *] oithafţ[a] uţ --b uil Gunnhi[ldr] ... eptir son sinn Horsefni(?) ok Hvíthôfđa. Guđ [hjal]p(?) "uil". "Gunnhildr ... in memory of her son Horsefni(?), and Hvíthôfđi. May God help(?) ..."