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Follow my numbering system in order to create a 4-strand braid.  This picture shows the beginning state.

para cord

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a lit candle is sitting on a stand
Decorative Ironwork | Hand Forged Candle Holder | Wrought Iron Candlestick
some tools are laying on top of a piece of metal that looks like a triangle
Dinner bell jig
an old pair of scissors sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bottle opener
Hand forge keychain hanger
a pair of scissors that are in the pocket of some jeans
Just want to hear your guys thoughts on how to make this buckle
the best blacksmithing youtubee channels
The Best Blacksmithing YouTube Channels
five different tools are lined up in a row
several forks and spoons are laying on the floor with metal bugs attached to them
Make Fork Bugs (Magnets)
a close up view of an iron railing
Custom Wrought Iron Design and Fabrication | Santa Barbara Forge
two knives and a snake are on the floor
Afternoon Random Picture Dump 41 Pics
two metal candlesticks sitting next to each other on top of a gray surface
a feather keychain is laying on the ground