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an outdoor table with a wooden box on it and some blue cups in front of it
Woodcraft Camp Kitchen
This might work for my portable pantry I would like to have. With modifications in length. Tiny Yellow Teardrop: Woodcraft Camp Kitchen
a diagram showing how to cook eggs in an iron pot with instructions for cooking them
Four Campfire Cooking Techniques for Hunters and Fishermen
Four methods for making delicious outdoor meals over a bed of coals.
two buckets filled with rocks sitting on top of a metal stand
Everyday Dutch Oven
Everyday Dutch Oven: Cooking Tips
two candles are sitting on black metal holders
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Iron Design – Wrought Iron Candelabra. Hanging Candle Holder.
there are two pictures of food being cooked on the grill and then in the pan
Camp Gourmet: Dutch Oven & Stovetop Favorites
Dutch Oven
a drawing of a pot with a handle
Seven secrets of Dutch oven cooking - Backwoods Home Magazine
Seven secrets of Dutch oven cooking + 100's of recipes ~ wonderful site with so much camping information
a person holding a piece of paper in front of a cage
8 Things You Need For Camping That You Might Forget | Ever In Transit
Paper Towel rolls always seem to blow away, fall on the ground & unravel ... milk crate w/ rod ... keep towels clean & w/in reach.
a bottle filled with white liquid sitting on top of a plastic bag next to a string
Co.Design Archives
Toilet paper for campers. Not exactly a craft, but hey - this is genius and I want to remember it | Co.Design: business + innovation + design