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three pieces of art made out of wire and glass beads on a gray cloth background
Jellyfish Embroidery and Sea Glass Art with Hand Painted Watercolour Background by TigerTailTextiles // Thoughtful Mother's Day gift for her
This is a handmade piece of mixed media art featuring 5 jellyfish created from embroidery and sea glass. The fabric has been hand painted with watercolour to create an under the sea background with blue and green tones. Every piece of sea glass has been hand embroidered on. The jellyfish bodies are made from a selection of sea glass, collected from Devon and Cornwall beaches, to add unique texture and colour! The sea glass pieces are secure with rayon and silk thread and more embroidery thread
a crocheted christmas tree sitting on top of a black table next to a pillow
Agitator 100 Scarf Hand Knitting PDF
Agitator 100 Scarf Hand Knitting PDF - Payhip
several pieces of crocheted fabric with red and blue buttons on them, all over a white surface
Jessica McGowan
many different pieces of cloth are arranged on a piece of burlly fabric that has been stitched together