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an aerial view of a city at night with lights on and bridges in the background
What's the thing about Serbia that made me feel its better than so many other cultures? Thing called Kafana.. A place where locals drink Rakija (an elixir alcoholic drink as per them). This place where young and old dance together. Sing songs together. It's probably the only place that I saw where they supported emotional men. Most countries want men to be emotion less pricks. All my life I was taught that I am a man. I shouldn't cry. I should deal with it in my own way. Serbia is one of the ra
the sun is setting behind a monument with a statue on it's pedestal and people walking around
Kada sunce zadje
the eiffel tower is lit up at night with the moon in the background
Torre y Luna
the view from an airplane window at night
an aerial view of a city at night with lights on the buildings and water in the foreground
Belgrade Serbia (@BelgradeSeRRbia) on X
an aerial view of a fountain in the middle of a busy city street at night
Belgrade ,Serbia
a snow covered road with houses and trees in the background on a snowy day,
14 Images of Enchanting Christmastime Inspiration
the balconys and balconies on this building overlook the blue water in monaco
Views of Nice on the French Riviera will leave you speechless ~ and, fumbling for your camera
the outside of a restaurant with tables and chairs
Restaurant Laperouse, Paris
a scooter is parked in front of a cafe
da série "só falta eu aí"
the sun is setting over a city with tall buildings
Victory over the sunset
an empty city street lined with tall buildings
Street in the center of Belgrade, Serbia